Walltransform’s Dry-Board is simple to fit, easily cut, and is flexible to fit around curved walls and bay windows. No more time WASTING NECESSARY...

Introducing a revolutionary new product and method for Damp-Proofing. Walltransform’s new Dry-Board incorporates two existing methods in the one pre-manufactured construction panel. Damp-Proofing membrane is laminated to a choice of board, and simply fitted to any substrate. This combines the methods of fitting a membrane to a substrate, and having to plasterboard/plaster over it. Another unique part of the new Dry-Board system is the Twin-Air Cavity the system creates. It stops damp entering a room, whilst also allowing an escape for moisture leaving the room (an air cavity is created directly behind the room facing board) this in turn stops all salts, mould growth, water penetration and condensation.


Walltransform’s Dry-Board is simple to fit, easily cut, and is flexible to fit around curved walls and bay windows. No more time consuming fitting of just a membrane, with many fixings, which then need boarding or plastering. Dry-Board allows you to simply adhesive fix the panels and save much time and labour whilst on site. Utilising the use of a more robust outer board, the panel is also ideal for floors, to stop against all damp and coldness.



  • Stops damp, salts, and moisture from entering a building, whilst also allowing the escape for moisture leaving the room
  • no need for the use of ANY base coat plasters
  • Huge time saving for all on site work
  • Project times can be reduced by upto 80%
  • Low density panel, easy to use and transport
  • Durable and stable system over time.
  • Thanks to its high breathability it avoids mould growth and condensation related issues.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Very fast application system.


The boards are simply fitted using a dot & dab technique. Levels are achieved by setting the Walltransform adhesive to the required amount. Board joints are sealed and taped, then its ready for the chosen finish option.. Skim, painting, wallpapering.

Click to play a demo video of WallTransform DryBoard in action


The Fitness for Human Habitation Act applies to the social and private rented sectors and makes it clear that landlords must ensure that their property is fit for human habitation at the beginning of the tenancy and throughout.


To achieve that, landlords will need to make sure that their property is free of hazards which are so serious that the dwelling is not reasonably suitable for occupation in that condition. Ensuring the property is free from damp, and correctly ventilated, is a big part of achieving this.


Walltransform are closely working with local councils and social landlords, in order to provide our product range, that comprehensively deals with damp and condensation related issues. We are helping all landlords ensure they are working to the standards required to meet the new legislation.



  • Palletised (Up to 200 Panels per Pallet)
  • 1200mm x 600mm panels


  • Store the product in well ventilated areas, away
  • from sunlight, water and ice, at temperatures
  • between -20°C (+41°F) and +40°C.
  • Storage time: 36 months.

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